Friday, December 21, 2012

Doctor's Orders from Meagan's Creations

Hey everybody!  Kari here with Meagan's awesome new release!  Do you have an accident prone member in your family?  Goodness knows I do.  It's my husband.  Every time I turn around he's bleeding or hurt.  And of course, I never have a camera handy.  Or do you have doctor's visits you need to scrap?  Or injuries to document?  I know, it's not always easy to scrap (literally) hurts, but with a fabulous kit like Meagan's new Doctor's Orders kit will make it easier!  Take a look here:
(image is linked)
I KNOW, RIGHT?!  Such an awesome deal on a GREAT kit.  I know with my boys this bundle will be such a go-to for me!
Also available as individual pieces:
(again, images are linked)

And check out the facebook freebie! 
(image is linked, just make sure to "like" Meagan's Creations if you don't already)
 Want to see what the fantabulous team has done?  take a look here:

I tell ya, I've been blown away by the talent!  Meagan has, I think, the best bunch of ladies around!
Sooo, whatcha waiting for????  Head on over to grab this awesome deal!
Thanks for spending some time with us today and I hope you have a great morning, day, afternoon, evening, night wherever you are and have a great weekend!

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